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Black Space is a shoot 'em up space game with a RPG system to upgrade your ship. This game should be hard enough to beat, so you need to prove your skill here.

- Feature :

  • Upgrade able level (in progress : now only 3  level should be done)
  • Unlock able ship in higher level (in progress - now only 1 ship  4 ship ready with specific bonus, but all use same skill)
  • Bullet time skill (where you able dodge enemy missile)
  • Storyline  (in progress)
  • 12 stage  (in progress - 3 6 stage done + 1 endless stage)
  • 5 Weapon Type
  • 8 bit screen effect
  • mission selection (in progress)

- Controls:

  • Directional key (up, down, left, right) to move
  • Z to shoot
  • X to use bullet time skill
  • ENTER : speed up dialog/Pause/Confirm selection
  • ESC : Pause

Note that since it is in-development stage, all that you see, hear, experience here may changes by my mood. +if you find bugs, please comment it... thanks!! and for ver 0.0.2 it will be paid (to support me, thanks)    It is FREEE....


-- This game made with Game Maker 1.4, so should be available in PC, Android (not yet) and IOS (not yet)

by : Me (Bose_agr/Fikri Ramadhan)

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System requirements

Your 2011 PC/Laptop should be able to play this game